Learn Excel Macros Online - Lesson 01, Series 01 - 2 month access

Learn Excel Macros Online - Lesson 01, Series 01 - 2 month access

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You can easily Excel macros (VBA) online the easy way with our T7 Training macro course. This is the best place to start, lesson 1 of series 1.

You need no experience, just a basic understanding of how to do basic functions in Excel.

Macros can be confusing and intimidating, particularly as a beginner. However, we make it easy to understand. This is lesson 1 in the first series of eight lessons starting at the beginning so you don’t need any experience at all to get started. You can do it!

Why learn macros in the first place? Well, VBA (Visual Basic) is great for saving time by automating repetitive tasks and you can even program decision-making into the macro so it can do different things in different situations automatically.

You may have seen the Developer tab in Microsoft’s programs which contains many of the buttons and commands you will require. It looks complex, but it’s very easy if you are taught correctly. We make it simple with our clear and direct learning system so you can engage with the training course lessons effectively and reliably.

We look forward to working with you. Cheers! Nic.

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