Terms and conditions


Rescheduling (onsite sessions)

For an onsite training booking, your booking can be rescheduled at any time – however there will be a rescheduling charge consisting of the booked travel costs, minus any refunds from cancelling booked travel, plus any costs from new travel bookings, plus $165. Flights and accommodation are booked and paid for upon the booking of the training.

Cancellation (onsite sessions)

For an onsite training booking, your booking can be cancelled at any time – however there will be a cancellation charge consisting of the booked travel costs, minus any refunds from cancelling booked travel, plus $165. Flights and accommodation are booked and paid for upon the booking of the training.

Cancellation (participants in onsite sessions)

Participants numbers for onsite training sessions can be altered at any time up to 2 weeks prior to the onsite training session start date with no surcharge, refunding (or allocating a credit if the client prefers) per participant reduced and charging per participant increased as per normal charges.  Please note that the “further participant” seats will be refunded first, followed by the “first x participant” seats.  Please note, we are unable to reduce the cost of the onsite training session below the minimum charge for your city regardless of participant numbers.

Reduction of participant numbers within 2 weeks of the onsite training session cannot be refunded due to the costs involved in transporting training laptops, padding, mice, power adapters, choice of small/large transportation cases (charged per case in flights) as well as the costs of ordering course books which are often updated and often personalised for your training session.  We are, however, happy to offer a credit for the unused seats which can be used in a future booking.

Increase of participant numbers within 2 weeks of the onsite training session cannot be guaranteed due to logistics of training circuits, the associated training laptop numbers and lead time for course book orders, however we will accommodate extra participants where it is possible to do so, at the standard quoted cost.

Onsite training form (onsite sessions)

An onsite training form will be sent to the client who is organising the training with T7 Training, along with a request to review the information, to fill in any blank fields and to email the completed form back at their earliest convenience.  T7 Training use this form to ensure we have all the required information for the training session in a timely and organised fashion for clear agreement with the client.

In the event that the client does not return the onsite training form to the T7 Training representative, information provided in the emails from the client will be used (such as address for the training, participant numbers, etc).  T7 Training will not be held responsible for information which is incorrect.  T7 Training will also not be held responsible in the event the onsite training form is not received.

Rescheduling (individuals in public sessions only)

We understand that exceptionally significant personal circumstances can arise - such as the passing of a loved one or a funeral - where you are unexpectedly unable to attend your appointment. In these circumstances, we allow your appointment to be rescheduled, however this can only be done one time. Please note after an appointment has been rescheduled to a new date, we are unable to reschedule the appointment a second time. In the event that you do not attend your rescheduled appointment, your appointment fee will be charged due to costs involved with scheduling, exclusion of potential alternate participants for that time, and personnel costs related to our attending to the appointment.

In the event that you are ill, we ask that you give consideration to the teacher and students attending the same session and call us to reschedule to a future date when you are fully recovered.

Cancellation (individuals in public sessions only)

For public sessions, we can cancel your training session up to 10 working days prior to the training date with only the cancellation fee charged ($165 pre-GST).

Late arrival (public courses)

Please note that entry into our public courses closes at the starting time for the course. Training information and knowledge is built upon itself as the session progresses and repeating earlier-taught information to a student who arrives late is ineffectual for the student and unfair to the other paying participants. We strictly enforce this requirement and recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of any public course.

Late arrival (one-on-one training)

In the event of late arrival for your one-on-one training course, we may start at the time you arrive – however please understand that due to time constraints with other clients, we are often unable to make up lost time from late arrival by extending your appointment or by rescheduling the lost time.

Respect for others

Respect for other participants and for the learning environment is a requirement for attending our courses. Failure to respect other participants and the learning environment is grounds for forfeit of your course attendance and course fees and you will be required to leave before the training session resumes.

Assistance fair-use policy

T7 Training Systems maintains an assistance fair-use policy and reserves the right to refuse assistance to any past-client via any medium for any reason at any time.  T7 Training Systems will refuse to view any attachments or potentially confidential information and in the event of being sent this information will delete the email (as well as recycle bin and any other copies) without viewing.

Refunds policy

For a private training booking by an organisation to be conducted either in a T7 Training Systems room or at your premises, your booking can be cancelled at any time prior to the start of the training session and a full refund given minus costs of travel bookings and a $165 cancellation charge. Flights and accommodation are booked and paid for upon the booking of the training and no guarantee of the departure city/date can be given due to the scheduling commitments of our national training service.

Public sessions are not refundable.

Other information

We reserve the right to cancel and refund the enrolment of any student found to be an employee of, owner of, or otherwise involved in any other computer training business at any time, minus costs. This cancellation of service may be effected both prior to or during the training session.

If a client does not specify the version of the program for which they require training, even after requests for this information, we will supply version 2016 for Microsoft Office for PC, version 2016 for Mac for Microsoft Office for Apple Mac and version CC at our discretion for Adobe products.

All quotations are valid for one month only unless specified otherwise.


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