Excel Intermediate - Monday, 8th July 2019

Excel Intermediate - Monday, 8th July 2019


Excel Intermediate (full day) for versions 2016, 2013, 2010 and 365 is an ideal course for people who currently use Excel and wish to increase their skills to beyond that of most corporate workers. The subjects covered in this course are ideal for standing out amongst your colleages as a talented Excel user without entering the advanced skills of Excel Advanced.

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Subjects covered in this course include:

•    Working    with    VLOOKUP

•    Linking    cells    between    Excel    tabs

•    Templates

•    PivotTable    and    PivotChart    basics

•    Drop-down    menus    in    cells

•    Working    with    SUMIF    and    COUNTIF

•    Sorting    in    depth

•    Filtering    in    depth

•    Naming    cells

•    Calculating    with    dates

•    Absolute    referencing

•    Working    with    SUBTOTAL

•    Protecting    worksheets

•    Logic    tests    (eg:    IF,    AND,    OR)

•    Conditional    formatting

•    Print    area,    page    breaks    and    page    scaling

and much more including our T7 Tips and Tricks section.

Is this course for me? Before    enrolling    into    this    course,    you    must    be    comfortable    and    familiar    with    the    skills    covered    in    Excel Basics    such    as    SUM    and    AVERAGE    formulas,    correct    data    structure,    sorting    data,    creating    charts    and    filtering    data.        If    you    are    not    familiar    with    these    skills,    you    will    need    to    attend    and    complete    Excel Basics   prior to attending Excel Intermediate .  This course is ideal for analysing large blocks of data.