InDesign made Simple - Monday, 8th July 2019

InDesign made Simple - Monday, 8th July 2019


Adobe InDesign is the new standard for layout design. This course provides a strong grounding in the concepts of using InDesign as well as the effects available in InDesign and basic design principles so you can create professional and attractive documents with InDesign.

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Subjects covered in this course include:

  • Document setup and navigation
  • Working with pictures
  • Working with shapes
  • Controlling text and paragraph styles
  • Defining and controlling colours
  • Grouping and stacking objects
  • Working in preview mode
  • Creating PDF documents
  • Inserting pictures within text and text wrap
  • Rounding corners
  • Working with transparency
  • Creating shadows and using global light

and much more including our T7 Tips and Tricks section.